Maintance of regenerative blowers

Maintenance of regenerative blowers

1.      The side channel blower is a technical product, please do not dismantle or repair without consulting professional technician to avoid danger.

2.      Before doing any operation in the blower, be sure that it is switched off and disconnected from the power.

3.      Do not touch the blower until silencers with compressed air, periodically. Substitute silencers when necessary.

4.      Clean the dust and oil on the blower housing to ensure best heat dissipation performance

5.      Check and replace the bearings, periodically. Bearings lifetime depends on several ambient and operation factors, specially pressure and temperature.

6.      Conveying air with higher moisture may make blower shorter lifetime, and most air shall be avoided, if not avoidable, shall inspect blower parts periodically to prevent blower damage or injury occurred due to corrosion problem